Begins November 12 2023

Shipping through Diwali season

Orders placed after November 10th 12PM PST will not arrive before Diwali. Any orders made after 5PM will be fulfil... read more

Jan 14 2022

Shipping Begins on Dec 2021

Sankranti will be on January 14th in 2022, it is a celebration of the Sun God and is a day dedicated to being thankf... read more

Aug 31 2022

Shipping Beings August 2022

Ganesh Chaturthi, or Vinayakachavathi will be on August 31 in 2022 and it celebrates the birth of Ganesha. Ganesh, kn... read more



Begins Oct 7 2021

Shipping begins September 2021

Navaratri which literally translates to "Nine Nights" is a festival that celebrates the Goddess Durga and her various incarnations for each night of the festival. Your Navaratri box will arrive this year in early October so you can celebrate every day starting October 7th 2021. Our Indus publication for this years Navaratri will focus on the story of Sati and Shiva and chronicle their life and focus on a powerful female group in India today focused on education. Your Navaratri box will includ...

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Apr 1 2022

Shipping begins March 2022

Ugadi will be on April 1st 2022 and it marks the beginning of a new lunar calendar. It is observed as the new year in... read more

August 15 2022

Shipping begins July 2022

August 15th 1947 India achieved independence from the British through a movement that took over the whole nation. Our... read more



Aug 11 2022

Shipping begins July 2022

Rakhi which is short for Rakshah Bandan literally translates to the "tying of protection." Rakhi falls on August 11t... read more



Mar 18 2022

Shipping begins on Mar 2022

Holi known as the festival of colors marks the beginning of the new crop season and was a time of merriment. It will be on March 19th, 2022. Our Indus publication for Holi this year will focus on some of the stories of Krishna and his mischievous youth.  Our Holi Box will include: 4 vibrant organic colors made from dried flower petals Lotus incense sticks to welcome Spring into your home Artis...

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