Let us provide the box, so that you can think outside of it.

Our goal is to provide carefully curated information and thoughtfully sourced items as a launching pad for people to take part in the culture the way it suits them.

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A word from the founder

My name is Chaitanya Rangasai Patchava, AKA “WrangaTsai”, “Cha-TANya”, “Chai”, “Nathan with a Ch”, or my personal favorite “bang-a-ranga.” The first thing people ask when they meet you is your name. In my case, and in the case of many South Asians, what follows is an awkward game of correcting pronunciation without upsetting the other person. Assimilation has always been the name of the game and for years I tried to “americanize” so I could fit in. Despite living in the U.S. for 21 years, even now when I say words that have a “v” and “w” near each other I have to think twice to make sure my accent does not come out. 

So it’s no wonder that through the years my culture has taken a back seat to the bigger game of “fitting in”. However, when I tried to reconnect recently, by celebrating some of my favorite festivals - Diwali, Vinayaka Chavithi, Ugadi - I realized I had no idea where to begin. I tried asking my parents, but repeating their methods felt hollow because I didn’t approach culture, philosophy or religion in the same way. I needed a path forward that was adjusted to our time.

With Ombox, I wanted a space for people who wanted to connect with South Asian culture free of dogma, while still being authentic to the timeless lessons and traditions of our festivals. I hope you find the boxes as fun and insightful as I do.

Our Values


The information we share with you is cited from multiple sources to match for consensus, our foods and teas are sourced from farms that specialize in organic grown products, and our vendors vetted for cruelty free labor and local fair trade practices.


Culture is defined by the choices we make everyday, we value your choice to come here and the curiosity it stems from and want to make it easy to delve into this world without fear of being overwhelmed.


South Asian cultures have thrived on being vibrant and engaging affairs. We want to capture that energy while maintaining the essence of the stories that spawned from them, allowing our users to formulate their own traditions.

Where we get our stuff from

Diya - Auroville India
Our Diyas are hand made with hand-poured vegetable wax and pressed with a flower to take the simplicity of the diya which has been the symbol of light for thousands of years elevated by Indian craftsmanship refined over those very thousands of years.

Incense - Auroville India
Incense has been a part of the South Asian ethos for thousands of years, used in aroma therapies, natural insect repellent and so much more. These fine scents were crafted custom for Ombox hand rolled with organic dried flowers and nothing else

Chai - Assam India
Black and organic fair trade tea leaves grown in Assam India, merged with spices from the south to create a perfect blend of Chai to feel like a warm embrace with every cup.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my ombox arrive?

All orders will be shipped within two weeks of the date of the festival so you will be receiving it the week before the festival.

Is shipping included in my Ombox purchase price?

Yes, all Ombox orders have shipping included!

My order is a gift. Can I put a note on the box?

You’ll have the option to select “this is a gift” and include your message during checkout. Selecting this option will ensure that the price is not included in the package and that your gift message is printed for your recipient.

Can I purchase any of the individual items from the box from your site?

Yes we will be having the individual items from the boxes available for purchase but for these products there will be a minimum order requirement to qualify for free shipping.