Ombox is a subscription service dedicated to sharing the richness of South Asian culture in a fun and informative way. We give our customers the ability to make centuries-old traditions their own by sharing stories, lessons and the meaning behind rituals, and staying away from dogma and formal structure. Our goal is to make it easy to celebrate festivals like Navratri, Diwali and Holi by providing all the essentials in a box, delivered to your doorstep. Each box includes a beautifully illustrated magazine - Indus - that explains the genesis of the festival, ways to celebrate it, and fun activities for the family.

Join the Ombox Team and be a part of a cause. Ombox is hiring contractors for two roles at this time

Open Positions

Graphic Designer

Consultant Position

The Job

Ombox is looking for a graphic designer to illustrate the Indus magazine that is included in every box. In Indus, we will share stories of each festival with a fresh perspective. We will provide you with creative direction and copy and you will have the freedom to illustrate in your own style. The magazine will be 12-16 pages (inclusive of cover).

  • Technical skills

    Fluent in Adobe Illustrator (or a software similar)

  • Experience working on print product

    How to lay out spreads and have text meld seamlessly into the art

  • Clear communication skills

    Open, honest and clear communicator (written and verbal), willing to collaborate and receptive to feedback

  • Basic understanding of Indian festivals.

    Having the ability to understand the meaning of a festival to work from is very important in order to represent it the best possible way

  • Timeline
  • Our goal is to get this magazine written with enough time to get it printed so sticking to a timeline we establish is a must.


Work samples or portfolio required. We will also be looking for a rough cover design in order to see if the art style fits before signing the contract.

Social Media Manager

Consultant Position

The Job
  • Create beautiful graphics for print and understand the cultural nuances of the festival
  • Must have a degree Must have prior experience