Celebrate all your favorite Hindu festivals, with just one click.

How it works


Pick the festivals you are interested in celebrating. We thoughtfully curate the content and ethically source the vendors so learning about this rich culture does not come at the cost of its core values.


Never forget your favorite festivals again. We will send you an Ombox one week prior to the date, and our box will contain curated materials with step-by-step guidance to celebrate the significance of each festival!


Cherished traditions are unique to the bonds of the ones we share them with. Ombox will provide you with a guide on suggested recommendations for how to use all of our products, and you'll be able to bring them all to life in the way most convenient to you!

Captivate all five senses with Ombox

Taste the richness of South Asian culture with scrumptious sweets and authentic teas.

Listen to curated playlists with music by South Asian artists.

See your favorite celebrations come to life with a box that brings all the elements together in one place.

Breathe in the aroma of warm incense as you make each tradition your own.

Feel the connection as your Ombox transports you back to your childhood home, celebrating with family and close friends.


I think being Indian American is coming to grips with the fact that your identity is binary. It is shadowing two different places and different cultures but finding a way to preserve what’s important.

Abhi, on what being Indian-American means to him

Heritage is a centuries old value system that’s been cultivated over time. I can’t pinpoint the exact stories that make me who I am but I know that I am drawing from a deep wisdom.

Neha, on how her Indian heritage impacts her everyday

I would look for some kind of aggregator where I could buy the supplies, the biggest thing I would struggle with is getting all the supplies I would need. Its a concern for me because I don't drive and going to Indian stores is tough.

Devina, on what she would look for to make celebrating Indian festivals easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

All orders will be shipped within two weeks of the date of the festival so you will be receiving it the week before the festival.

Yes, all Ombox orders have shipping included!

You can place a note at checkout for any gift orders and we will have it printed into the box before we send it out!

Yes we will be having the individual items from the boxes available for purchase but for these products there will be a minimum order requirement to qualify for free shipping.