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Mar 18 2022

Shipping begins on Mar 2022

Holi known as the festival of colors marks the beginning of the new crop season and was a time of merriment. It will be on March 19th, 2022. Our Indus publication for Holi this year will focus on some of the stories of Krishna and his mischievous youth. 

Our Holi Box will include:

  • 4 vibrant organic colors made from dried flower petals
  • Lotus incense sticks to welcome Spring into your home
  • Artisan Chocolate as colorful and flavorful as Holi itself
  • A badam mix for making a traditional Holi drink going back hundreds of years 
  • A foot thumping custom holi playlist to make this Holi one you wont soon forget

Create your own festival pack! Pick at-least 3 and save 15%